Covid 19


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Like many companies in the world, our business is impacted in its operation.

This new page will be updated regularly and will allow you to better understand our organization and our ability to respond to you.

Last updated: 2020 / March 18th



  • 90% of our workforce is operational.
  • We are currently measuring the abality of our subcontractors to fulfill our orders, but insofar as we work with small structures, these are mostly operational.
  • The stock level is good. There are very few sold out products. Contact us.
  • Our carriers are all operational but announce longer delivery times.
  • All salespeople work from home (Alois, Christophe, Cédric & Tanguy) and are therefore available.
  • All engineers also work from home (Marin, Jean Philippe & Guillaume) and are also available.
  • The rest of the team is at work in spaces where they work alone.
  • The Lorient office is closed but we are able to come on site in a few minutes.
  • The deadlines for carrying out after-sales service are lengthened. If possible, we invite you to postpone the shipment of your products. The main risk being a break in the transport chain. 
  • The contact details of each team member are available on the "Contacts" page.

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