Karver’s DNA has always been clear since the beginning, and most of our strategic decisions were driven by who we are and where we want to be in 5, 10, or 50 years …

This DNA is structured around 4 elements: Innovation, Performance, Design and Service.




Innovation is the starting point of Karver.
We devote a large part of our time and profits in Research and Development. Innovation is the starting point of Karver. A third of our employees are dedicated to the R&D office.

Among the most valuable innovations of these last years:
- The locking device featured in our full range of furlers
- The top swivel of the furler, which can feature an extremely compact halyard lock mechanism
- The high load jammers, featuring three jaws when the competition on the market can only offer two.
- The batten cars feature a built-in “fuse” designed to blow under extreme loads and thus prevent  damaging the battens, the cars, or the track itself.

Year after year, we protect our innovation with registered patents, for which we have received many awards.


We pride ourselves in offering the best hardware: lighter, more compact, more resistant, less friction, less maintenance, more reliable…
The features of our products appeal to the professional racing teams, semi-pro or club-racing, but also to cruisers.
We believe in performance and reliability for everyone.

As an example, weight and friction are two features that would appeal to racers and cruiser in a different way.
Racers are looking for lighter systems to gain on total boat weight, and low friction to ease the maneuver, when cruisers appreciate the level of comfort and possible boat speed gain. 
A standard KF2 or KF5 furler is installed on 75% of the Class 40 fleet, but also, for example,  used by owners of Oceanis 40 or Bavaria 41.


Everyone agrees that our product line features a unique design … and we are proud of it.
We have won several prizes for our product designs (and innovations).

Without being too extreme, our equipment is a differentiating factor.
A recent study with our customer base shows that 56% of them chose Karver for the unique design of the product.

The first product line designed and sold by Karver was the rounded KB block range! A true revolution in the sailing block, that has now become the symbol for our company.
In 2014, we created the high load KJ Jammer that, here again, completely change the usual look on such products.


Here is a notion that has been used, and re-used, to an extent that it is difficult to understand what remains behind this word.
We look at it with a simple perspective: Without our customer base, we are nothing.
The specificity of our company is that we are fully aware of this assessment, and we organize ourselves to be rewarded with their loyalty.

This notion of service translates into availability, care, advice, strict quality process, quick response, and accurate answers to each and everyone’s issue from the simplest question (what is a continuous line furler for?) to the most complex (how to furl the headsail of a 100’ single-handed, and with the least possible effort). 

The simplest way to understand this notion of SERVICE is to contact us, then you’ll understand.