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Karver et Lorient

Karver and Lorient – Love at first sight in the Sailing Valley

If traditions, and sometimes history, often put Normans and Bretons in opposition, at Karver, in terms of strategy such as deck plan or fittings, efficiency takes precedence above all. So if the cradle of the brand remains of course in Honfleur, since 2019 Karver is also present in Lorient.

In the heart of the Sailing Valley, surrounded by the greatest offshore racing teams that inspired its creation, Karver immediately melted into its new environment. We wonder how we did before, so the team and the office are now part of the landscape. Back to the reasons and implications of what seems obvious today.

According to Talleyrand’s famous aphorism, “If it goes without saying it, it will go even better by saying it. ». So Karver warmly thanks Renaud Bañuls, naval architect, among others, of the Ultim Sodebo, for having put words to the obvious. Indeed, on Thomas Coville’s fantastic flying trimaran, they had to find the solution on their own so that a KBR carbon-titanium block responds perfectly to a very specific use. Tanguy de Larminat is then surprised not to have been called, the solution would have been found immediately. « Of course I would have stopped by to discuss it with you if you had had an office in Lorient” replies Renaud Bañuls innocently. The seed is sown and immediately germinates in the brain of Karver’s CEO. From October 2019, part of the team moves into the offices both modern, friendly and perfectly equipped in the Celtic Submarine building, a stone’s throw from THE BASE.

Response time : 2 minutes on an electric scooter !

Recalling the importance of location for a business may seem like a truism. But the whole Karver team can testify to it, being present in Lorient is a real performance booster, because the virtuous circle got under way very quickly. Proximity brings reactivity, exchange, new ideas. Between “neighbors” it is easier to explain a function, show a use, recall an interview, solve the slightest problem without delay. When 75% of Karver’s race customers are within a 150 km radius, travel times are reduced, so the oilskin never leaves the trunk of the car, ready for boarding. Even Les Sables d’Olonne or La Rochelle, other offshore racing strongholds, have come closer together. But of course, the must-have company vehicle is the Karver badged electric scooter. Battery always fully charged, it is ready to melt in 2 minutes on the Lorient pontoons, with in the backpack, a part drawn from the stock always more provided on the way out, and possibly another on the way back for an express repair in the Karver workshop.

Karver office: the place to be!

Equally important, human enthusiasm is also present on a daily basis, within the team as well as with customers. Skippers, preparers, engineers, team managers have understood this well, technically you would have to be crazy to go further to find the best on site. « Not a day goes by without a customer stopping by the office,” says Aloïs Kerduel, Karver’s France Sales Manager. An early supporter of this Breton establishment. He had even planned everything well in advance : business plan and action plan from 2017. We have to admit that this inveterate sailor was right. Not only is Lorient’s central position at the heart of the world’s offshore racing center of excellence a fantastic business agitator, but it also facilitates relations with specialized shipyards such as neighboring Marsaudon Composites and its famous TS catamarans that have become ORCs. But it is also JPK, Pogo Structures or Multiplast to name but a few who find all the answers to their questions at the Lorient office.

Lorient and Brittany win you over…

Although Guillaume Pirouelle, the in-house skipper, still regularly visits the Honfleur Design Office, he has taken up residence in Lorient. It’s so much closer to the training center of Port La Forêt and its Figaro 3… Region of Normandy ! But what is true for the team in place, is also true for the one of tomorrow. Southern Brittany is a pool of talent in which Karver does not fail to recruit new employees. Thus, Cédric who, although in charge of the European market, is also enthusiastic about the strategic positioning of Lorient. Because if professionally it goes without saying, the quality of life offered by South Brittany is also a strong asset. Being able to share one’s passions for water sports, meeting up at shows, in restaurants, on surf or kite spots, of course contributes to everyone’s well-being and, ultimately, to everyone’s performance.

Shared enthusiasm

Thomas Coville does not say anything else at the microphone of Pierre-Yves Lautrou (Tip & Shaft), in the podcast Into The Wind : « In Lorient, from the Mini-transat to the Class40, to the Multi50, to the Imoca, to the Figaros, to the Ultims on the same pontoon, it’s amazing the level, the homogeneity of what happens here. It’s extraordinary. I’m so excited to experience this ! ». An enthusiasm shared every day within the Karver office where no one, known skipper, highly qualified crews or anonymous yachtsman, now does not hesitate to stop by. Whether they are looking for an explanation of the manipulation of a locks, the latest innovation in jammers, of a demonstration on a winch, they always find someone to inform them. By being present on a daily basis and as close as possible to the skippers, Karver reinforces the understanding that the French sailing actors have of the equipment marked with the famous orange K. Confidence being an essential fuel for performance, Karver’s presence in Lorient is, two years later, more obvious than ever.

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Article seven: Force Majeure KARVER is not liable in the event of fire, flood, interruption of supply of energy, raw materials or spare parts, as well as total or partial strikes of any kind impeding the smooth running of the company, such as transport strikes, postal services … The occurrence of a case of force majeure has the effect of suspending the execution of the contractual obligations of KARVER. 8. Article eight: OWNERSHIP RESERVE CLAUSE : 8.1. KARVER expressly reserves the ownership of the KARVER products delivered and designated in the sales contract until full payment of their price in principal and interest. 8.2. The goods will remain the property of KARVER until full payment of their price, but the buyer is responsible for them as soon as they are physically delivered, the transfer of possession entails the transfer of the risks as well. Signing this document, the buyer undertakes to subscribe an insurance contract guaranteeing the risk of loss, theft or destruction of the goods. 8.3. The transfer to the buyer, the disadvantages, the risks of loss or the deterioration of the products are subject to the retention of title. In case of application of the reserve of the property after the partial payment, the installments paid will be our property in counterpart of the depreciation undergone by the products. 9. Article nine: Delivery, receipt, returns 9.1. Receipt of products 9.1.1. KARVER deliveries are made by private carriers mandated by Karver at the expense of our customers. In the case of a carrier mandated by our customer, the goods will be transported at the expense and risk of it. 9.1.2. In case of apparent defect or failure the customer will have to make findings and reservations with his postal services on the transport receipt. 9.1.3. Deliveries can only be made if KARVER’s clients are up to date with their obligations. 9.1.4. Lateness cannot entail a cancellation of an order or any claim for damages. 9.1.5. All claims regarding apparent defective and non-conformity of products must be received within 8 days of delivery of the products. The client must then provide all the justifications on the reality of the defect and leave to KARVER any possibility to note the defect itself and to remedy it. 9.2. Delivery times Delivery times are given for information only and without guarantee. A delay does not entitle the buyer to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods or to receive damages. 9.3. Returns No return of Karver products can be made by the customer without the express written consent of KARVER. Returning costs will be borne by KARVER only in the event that an apparent defect is actually noted by the latter. Unless prior authorization, only the carrier chosen by KARVER is authorized to return the products concerned. 10. Article ten: The lack of conformity of the goods 10.1. The goods travel at the risk of the customer to whom it belongs to check the good condition at the time of delivery. This verification must relate to the quality, quantities and references of the goods and their conformity with the order. No claim will be taken into account after a period of fifteen days from the day of delivery. 10.2. Goods with a recognized defect of conformity, reported within 8 days, is subject to replacement or restoration, to the exclusion of any compensation, for any reason whatsoever. 11. Article eleven: Warranty Karver products are warranted for pre-sale defects making our material unsuitable for the intended use or which reduce such use so much that the buyer would not have acquired it or will not would have given a lower price if he had known them, in accordance with the provisions of articles 1641 and following of the civil code. The customer can only benefit from the guarantee if he notifies KARVER by registered letter as soon as possible. 11.1. Contractual Warranty: Karver products are warranted against defects in material or confection for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery to the Professional Customers and two (2) years to the Private Customers from the date of sale. Under this warranty, the only obligation incumbent upon KARVER will be the free replacement or repair of the product or item found to be defective by its services to the exclusion of any other indemnity or damage and interest, the possible shipping costs being the responsibility of the customer. Defects and deteriorations caused by natural wear and tear, by an external event (product not adapted to real loads, assembly not conforming to the technical instructions of KARVER, defective maintenance, abnormal use or in competition …) or by a modification of the product not specified or specified by KARVER are excluded from the warranty. In the same way the guarantee will not play for the visible defects. 11.2. Legal guarantee: Under the guarantee of hidden defects, KARVER will only have to replace without charge the defective products excluding the repair of any other damage, shipping costs will be paid by the customer. 12. Article twelve: Use of the products Our buyers declare to have all the technical competences, to have taken note of our documentation to have been perfectly informed on the use, the handling, the dangers of the products and in case of doubts to appeal to one of our technicians. No other warranty than those contained in our documentation will be able to be declared to the customers. 13. Article thirteen: Custom, customized products: For professionals, our custom products are designed with their technical teams and meet the specific instructions that are communicated to them by them. Therefore, they are excluded from any warranty and their sale is made at the risk of the buyer who cannot, in particular, invoke a hidden defect. 14. Article fourteen : Spare parts: The duration of availability of our spare parts is at least 3 years from the date of purchase by the private customer. This indication is included in our user manuals.


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